Pain Management Massage

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From Postural Alignment therapy to our unique combination of Neuromuscular massage therapy, and Neurosoma massage, we believe in doing what we do for the right reasons. Every client is special and has unique problems and needs.

At our Summerlin Las Vegas practice, you will never be treated as just a number, just one of the masses.

Here you can express and convey your issues and expect that we'll listen and tailor the proper treatment protocol for your needs.

No one size fits all treatment here! We are here to help each person achieve as pain free a life as possible.

Understanding Postural Alignment Therapy

Postural Alignment Therapy differs slightly from physical therapy as it looks at the entire body rather than isolating troubled areas. Additionally, its goal is to restore the body back as close to its original state as possible to allow it to function as it should and alleviate pain in the process.

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