Our Pain Relief Massage Therapy

Our treatment is focused on helping you attain better balance and skeletal alignment. It removes undo pressure on the body and addresses many pain related concerns.

New Patient Information

We know that you might be apprehensive about your first pain management visit. As soon as you enter our relaxing space you’ll know you've made the right choice.


I have been visiting Dustin Snook since 2007. When I first went to him, I was suffering from acute back pain and after my first visit I got significant relief. Since then I’ve been a regular. His treatments are specific to each individual’s problems, and he evaluates you at the beginning of each visit. My wife and son also use his services frequently. He is a true professional but just as important a great guy. I highly recommend Dustin.

Michael Yackira

When I first saw Dustin, I had pain in my arm and shoulder. I had these pains for months and they were almost crippling. I couldn’t sleep well and everything’s did in my daily life was colored by this pain. In the past, I’d had many massages that felt good but didn’t “cure” any of my aches and pains. I was quite skeptical that Dustin could make a difference. At that point, though, I was willing to do just about anything. Within a few visits with Dustin, these pains were gone. Dustin is not your typical therapist. He knows every bone and muscle in the body and knows where they connect, what affects them, and what to do to release any tension in them. He’s simply the best!

Leslie Phillips

I have been a client of Dustin Snook for more than 10 years. His knowledge of the human body and physiological aspects, especially helpful for sports related issues is excellent. His technique and table manners allows for relaxed massage and stress relief. I highly recommended him.

Geff Grossan

I have been going to Dustin for 15 years. That should say it all! Dustin continually refines his craft, exploring new modalities and techniques to relieve whatever is causing you pain.

Dominic Caldara

I have been a client of Dustin’s for many years. He is extremely knowledgeable about the body and my various aches pains. Most importantly he knows how to treat these aches and pains. I visit him every 3 weeks for body maintenance! Dustin has been my healer. :-)

Diane Paltrineri

Additional Questions

We understand that considering pain relief massage or any of our other treatments for chronic pain can be stressful and at times frustrating. We've tried to eliminate some of that frustration by providing the info you need for a knowledgeable health decision.

However, if you have a specific question that we haven't answered, please use our request form for further information.

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